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Erectile Dysfunction Pills and Divorce: Is there a link?

viagraad-300x210.jpgIf you aren't having sex with your husband and yet your medication list at your pharmacy (or on your health insurance records ) indicates that he is taking , chances are that there may be infidelity.

Likewise, if you can't keep up in the bedroom since your husband started taking Viagra, you are also at risk. Many fifty- and sixty-something couples are finding sexual incompatibility at the hands of this "sex enhancing" drug.

Some divorce lawyers ask whether Viagra is perhaps one of the causes of a ?

Initially, the Viagra divorce cases were the result of "men straying from marriage" - drinking from the fountain of youth by popping a pill!

Then came what Karen S. Peterson described as "cases of men taking Viagra, but their wives were no longer interested in sex. And now, a lot of middle-aged women are having affairs with older men who were impotent before there was Viagra" (see "," USA Today, March 22, 2001).

Then, in 2004, the an unnamed British woman in her mid 50's divorced her husband over Viagra, claiming that he became sexually aggressive and overly sexualized, leading to the deterioration of their marriage.

But increasingly, it is a factor in both, says Dominic Barbara, who heads a Manhattan law firm with 15 attorneys. In about one of every 15 or 20 new divorce cases, somebody mentions Viagra, he says .

Experts from Harvard University and The Institute for Sexuality and Intimacy argue that it can lead to divorce. In a recent, researchers argue that problems occur when a man takes the drug without informing his partner. His subsequent rise in love-making ability, accompanied by high self-esteem, may take his lover by surprise. If sex was infrequent before, the dynamic of the relationship will have shifted and the woman may be uncomfortable with this change. Break up or divorce may result.

Moral of the story:
One of the side-effects listed after "may cause an erection that can last for up to 48 hours" should be INCREASED RATE OF DIVORCE. Unfortunately, the FDA doesn't have to forecast emotional side-effects in its warnings to consumers.

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