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What are the Effects of Divorce on Kids?

freckle-kid.jpgThere are many gut-wrenching stories that clients recount of telling their kids that it is "over" between mommy and daddy. They usually involve calculated timing by the parents, a scripted statement explaining why it happened and a sketch of what is going to happen to the family in the future. Since I've never done it myself, I conceive of it as worse than breaking up with a lover or firing an employee-mainly because the recipient of this pain, this rejection, is a child.

What is collaborative law?


How much is a divorce? Top 10 items to consider when assessing the costs of a family law case

This is one of the top questions that I receive from prospective family law clients. After reviewing the deadlines and process of their cases, everyone is concerned about the cost of litigation. I tell my clients that "you can send my kids to college- or you can send your kids to college."flying-moeny-250x250.jpg

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