Division Of Businesses

Businesses are considered community property and subject to property division during a divorce, even if the business is technically owned and operated by only one spouse. If the business was acquired in whole prior to the marriage, it may then be separate property protected from division. However, even if that is the case, it is likely the business grew or increased in value during the marriage, making it at least partly community property.

Dividing a business during a divorce can become quite complicated, making it important to enlist a lawyer who is experienced in these matters. At The Law Office of Natalie Gregg in Allen, Texas, we have been recognized for our ability to handle the most challenging asset division cases. Whether you have a business you want to protect during your divorce or you simply want your fair share, we will stand by your side.

Understanding A Business's Value

Dividing a business in a divorce requires an accurate understanding of the business's value. Businesses are not like other property. They may include tangible assets, from the inventory and equipment to bank accounts and accounts receivable. Determining the value of these tangible assets is relatively straightforward. On the other hand, most businesses also include intangible assets such as intellectual property and goodwill. Determining the value of intangible assets can be much more complicated, but in some cases this may be where the bulk of a business's value lies. It is critical to look at both.

We work with CPA professionals who routinely value closely held businesses, partnership agreements, and buy-sell agreements to optimize your property settlement. Our experts work to use several different methods of valuation to get the biggest bang for your buck for the interest in a business.

Our attorneys understand how to deal with a business valuation. You can be confident in our ability to see that it is divided fairly, even if doing so requires a fight. We are trial-ready.

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