Do You Have A Divorce Savings Fund?

Do you have money set aside for your divorce? Rarely anyone does. But now you are faced with not only the legal costs of going through a divorce, but the prospect of splitting up your assets and living life on a single income.

You need an attorney who understands both the familial and financial impact of divorce. You need an attorney who has the strength to advocate for you, but is also willing to listen to you and focus efforts in the right direction, resulting in money being spent protecting what is most important to you and setting the stage for a happy future.

At The Law Office of Natalie Gregg, our approach is both proactive and cost-conscious. We focus only on what really matters to avoid unnecessary costs to you. We work to reach a positive outcome. We fight because we care.

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What Challenges Can We Help You Overcome?

Our decade plus of family law experience has prepared us to overcome obstacles during the divorce process, from those related to property to those involving children. Sometimes, beginning the process of divorce is one of the most difficult decisions you will ever make.

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Is your primary concern when it comes to property division the family home? Perhaps there is much more to your case than that. Maybe there are retirement accounts, restricted stock units or pensions. Perhaps there is rental property or a business owned by one of the parties. We can help you value and divide assets in a way that makes sense for your family. Instead of using the "chainsaw" division that a court may impose at trial, we can think creatively and strategically to get a custom-tailored property division.

If you have children, they will be your primary focus during the divorce process. Dealing with child custody is never easy, but what happens when there are unique circumstances? When a child or spouse has mental health issues, you need to tackle diagnosis and treatment of those family members during litigation. We have experience navigating through psychological evaluations, drug testing and appointing counselors for children and adult parties.

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We will help you sort through the challenges and develop a legal strategy to overcome them, through negotiation, mediation or in the courtroom.

Collaborative divorce is also an option that provides a custom-tailored alternative to the courtroom. To read more about collaborative divorce, click here: What Is Collaborative Law?

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