When Child Protective Services Gets Involved

If Child Protective Services (CPS) is investigating your family situation or has removed your child from your home, you need a trusted advocate on your side. These matters are complex and frustrating. There is paperwork, hearings and seemingly endless amounts of red tape.

At The Law Office of Natalie Gregg in Allen, Texas, our lawyers can help you navigate the system. With more than 10 years of experience on our side, we know how to work with CPS. We can get involved at the investigation stage with the goal of stopping the matter from progressing to removal. Especially if CPS is involved in your case due to allegations about the other parent, you need to act fast to protect your children.

Often an outcry by a child to a counselor or teacher may instigate an investigation. This notifies you that you need to bring a modification or temporary restraining order to stop the abuse or neglect by the other parent. Conversely, if you are the parent who was named in the allegation, you should retain counsel immediately to rebut the allegations and to restore your possession time with your child. Our firm has experience defending parents with false outcries of sexual abuse or physical abuse/neglect. Likewise, The Law Office of Natalie Gregg can assist you in dealing with a parent who has truly harmed the children and needs urgent court intervention.

Why Was CPS Called?

Many families are surprised when CPS shows up. CPS investigates allegations of child abuse, neglect, abandonment and more. They may have been informed about the concerns of parental alcoholism or drug abuse. They may be called by teachers, neighbors, relatives, and other concerned parties. The allegations may have no merit, but CPS may still investigate. Even if CPS fails to make a finding, there is good cause to modify the terms of the original order to protect your children from future abuse or neglect. The threshold for the best interests of children is not synonymous with CPS findings. Rather, the fact that CPS is involved at all flags your case that action is needed for addiction issues, mental health problems, over-disciplining or lack of parental supervision.

If CPS in involved, the outcome of the divorce or child custody case could become intertwined with the CPS case, making it critical that you have an attorney on your side who is knowledgeable and skilled in both.

When it comes to protecting your relationship with your child, we take a vigorous approach.

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